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Thanks for finding me. Let me tell you a bit about myself... I'm Mark "Hux" Huxley, founder of

Huxley Advisory.


With 45+ years service to the insurance industry, I think I can reasonably carry the title of a veteran of the market. It was recognising this back in 2018 that made me decide that I should share my knowledge and experience to hopefully help others on their own journeys.

My own working life has been in two parts. Originally I was a Lloyd's practitioner in claims and then business management. Twenty years into that life I made the choice to start my own business and proudly helped pioneer outsourced professional claims services to the UK general and specialty markets. Having taken the business to scale, I exited and like many others became an accidental entrepreneur, starting a range of businesses, most of whom exist to serve the insurance community, helping them optimise their businesses across a range of areas; brand, proposition, purpose, leadership and operational.


I have become passionate about helping build businesses that create a genuine emotional connection with their clients and customers. This has taken me into becoming an active and regular mentor, both at a business level and for those working within them, from C-Level downwards into the business operational structures. I also act as NED and Board Advisor to a number of organisations. And am proud to serve on the board of social mobility charities, the professional standards board of a London university and provide visiting lectures to other London academic institutions.

In 2017 my exploits as an Entrepreneur were recognised when I was invited to join the Company of Entrepreneurs, where for 2023 I will serve as its Senior Warden and all being well will progress to be its Master in November 2023 for the following year.




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